H E L L O !

Badal is a graphic designer / photographer currently living in NYC. She goes by B, well, because her name is pretty dang hard to say. Born and raised in a suburb outside Philadelphia, she could always be found making something and getting her hands dirty and hasn't changed ever since. Whether it's toy boats made from fallen tree branches, purses sewn from scrap leather, or handmade cards painted for a friend, she's been DIY-ing since she was in diapers.  Check out her blog in the navigation above to see what project she's working on next!     


Badal is always interested in freelance opportunities whether it be design, photography, or illustration.  And even if it doesn't fall into any of those categories, it doesn't matter. Drop her a line at bbaddall@gmail.com

For a PDF portfolio, please contact directly. Click here to view resume


V I S U A L  D I A R Y

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